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Membranen zur Wasserreinigung mit Antifouling-Eigenschaften und zur Proteintrennung


Antifouling membranes for separation and water purification applications

We are engaged in development and characterization of antifouling ultra and Nanofiltration membranes based on engineering polymers and block copolymers. Different types of membranes are used for drinking water production and for the treatment and recycling of industrial wastewater. However, the effectiveness of many membranes can be improved; for example by enhancing the flux or by reducing membrane fouling. Current membranes suffer due to many critical problems such as low flux, fouling and biofouling, stability, and selectivity. Fouling is one of the biggest problems in current membrane technology which dampen the performance of membrane. Biofouling and biofilm formation is also need to be tackled for long term application of membranes especially in water purification applications. Growing living conditions in less developed part of the world led to an increased demand for membranes for water purification. Market for membranes and membrane based technologies are increasing consistently. However, new methodology for membrane preparation and suitable modification are required to overcome the problems of membranes. We are focusing on membrane modification for improved antifouling and antibacterial property by hydrophilic polymer grafting, polyelectrolyte coating, and functionalization with quaternary and zwitterionic groups. Low fouling membranes are tested for water purification, protein separation, dye rejection, etc. These methods could also be applied on commercial membranes to enhance the antifouling property and performance. 

  • Areas: Membrane modification, characterizations, antifouling and biofouling assessment, separation and water purification process. 
  • Possible companies: Membrane based companies such as Millipore, Lanxess, Fumatech, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, etc.

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